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I'm Abigail

A few things to describe myself would be: Genuine with a passionate, sensual side and funny with an infectious laugh that never quits. One thing you will always receive from me is kindness and acceptance.


I adore one on one connection and will always melt in the presence of any truly kind soul. Building lasting connections has always been a major focus of mine during my time as a Companion, because I do truly enjoy this aspect of my life. This is evident as I have been working in the industry for a few years now.


Before entering in to the sex work world I studied in the field of communications. That being mentioned, you should find me well versed and easy to connect with. I have been told I have a great sense of humor and down to earth demeanor. I adore spending time with people of all ages, and love to converse on almost everything!


In my personal time you would most likely find me outside hiking with my pup (proud dog mom here), shopping as I am a lover of fashion or taking a class of some sort as I am a lover of new things! As much as it is a cliché, I do consider myself a wine connoisseur and foodie. I will show you all the culinary hot spots that Ottawa has to offer. Whether it be street food to fine dining, I will always be an enthusiastic date on your arm.


I am a woman who knows how she likes to be pleased and how she likes to please others. I am extremely kink friendly and always want you to feel comfortable sharing your unexplored fantasies with me. Let's make them a reality together.


I enjoy spending time with people of all races, genders, abilities and ages (must be 21+). Please let me know if you require any accessibility accommodations.

Abigail Autumn

A few things about Me...

Age:  31

Height: 5''7

Eyes: Blue

Bust: 32D

Weight: 138 lbs

Hair: Blonde

Orientation: Bisexual

Zodiac: Capricorn

Ethnicity: Canadian

Language: English, French (Basic)

Location: Ottawa, ON

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"An experience with Abigail is priceless. I’m a more shy person and from the first time I met Abby I was greeted by a big beautiful smile and a truly great soul. As we’ve gotten to know each other better our connection has grown, and every experience gets better. Abby is everything your dreams imagine she will be. Her pictures speak for themselves, an alluring and bubbly blonde. Time spent with her can be whatever you want it to, fun, intellectual. You’ll find yourself coming back again, and again."