Ottawa Rendezvous

1 hour - $300

1.5 hours - $450

2 hours - $550

3 hours - $750

4 hours - $900

5 hours - $1100

6 hours - $1300

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Point Blur_May042022_200528.jpg

Longer Engagements

12 hours - $2500

15 hours - $3000

24 hours - $4000

48 hours - $5500


1 HOUR                         $200

Let us enjoy each other's company without the intimacy... Sharing flirtatious glances across the table, what could be more fun?


Note: Social time must take place in a public setting.

Date Ideas:

Nordik Spa, Holtz Spa, North&Navy Restaurant, Atelier Restaurant, Beckta Restaurant, LOAM Clay Studio

USD is accepted at a 1:1 ratio

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My company is best suited for those that are respectful and gracious. I believe in treating all with dignity and respect, and I always expect the same in return.

I offer an array of services, to avoid any confusion, I ask that you inquire with me directly about which services I offer.

My discreet incall space is located in the heart of Ottawa's Centretown West District, it is equipped with all the necessary amenities and there is plenty of street parking.

Let us take an adventure, enjoy a delectable meal or stolen moments during your lunch break. Whatever it may be, I guarantee our time to be unforgettable in every way. 

I look forward to connecting with you!


All the kisses ,