I have known Abi for about a year now. I would say that she is very comfortable with her sexuality, and can roll with whatever dynamic develops between you. She clearly loves receiving pleasure, and likes wearing different outfits to entice and suit the moment. She is quite serious about what she does, and conducts her affairs accordingly. The encounters I have had with her have left us both pleased and satisfied. I would recommend spending time with Abi to anyone who is looking to fulfill their desires with an uninhibited sensual woman...


Twitter: @realbobby1975

I have met Abby a few times, she provides a fun, friendly and authentic session. each session the chemistry kept getting deeper and more intense.  Our conversation, developed and went in so many fun and entertaining directions, from politics, food, and current affairs! She is bright, sexy and sensual! time flies when you are with Abby, and you a left craving more and more! she is a gem! I have been blessed to have her in my life!

Ian Fleming

Twitter: @Ian Fleming

During the fall, I was fortunate to book a couple of sessions with Abigail. I had been following her on twitter for a while and my schedule finally aligned with her availability. As with most encounters with a new companion, I nervously arrived on time, and was greeted by a beautiful, sexy, and energetic woman, who introduced herself Abigail. She showed me to the bedroom and after a quick shower to freshen up, I joined her back in the bedroom and we enjoyed some great conversation that quickly led to some flirting, which started off the cycle of conversation and flirting, making out, hot sexy fun times, cuddles and conversation - and following my standard practice, this cycle was repeated as many times as we could throughout our date. During my date with her, my initial impressions of Abigail were confirmed - she is indeed a sexy, hot, gorgeous woman, and she is also very intelligent, a great conversationalist and possess a great sense of humour. It was a wonderful date, and I began the planning for our next date, which was even better than the first one. So if you are looking for the same type of experience that I look for in all of my dates, then I strongly recommend that you consider spending time with Abigail.

Sluggo the Tongue

Twitter: @sluggo1955

An experience with Abigail is priceless. I’m a more shy person and from the first time I met Abby I was greeted by a big beautiful smile and a truly great soul. As we’ve gotten to know each other better our connection has grown, and every experience gets better.

Abby is everything your dreams imagine she will be. Her pictures speak for themselves, an alluring and bubbly redhead. Time spent with her can be whatever you want it to, fun, intellectual, or not much talking at all if that’s your thing. You’ll find yourself coming back again, and again.

Rando Guy

Twitter: @guy20_guy


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